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My name is Sam Kressin I am an herbalist in Pacific Beach California. My initial interest in Traditional Herbology was sparked while living in Hawaii. There I began to learn about the unique traditional Hawaiian way of living. Anciently the Islands provided one with everything necessary to survive; shelter, food, water and medicine. To this day there exists among many Hawaiians a deep sense of kuleana or stewardship over ka 'aina which is the land and ke kai the sea.


I see herbs as an opportunity to return to the earth and reconnect with nature. To further develop a greater awareness and sensitivity to all forms of life and their interconnectedness. To go back to a place and time were everything we needed to survive could be found within mother nature. My practice is located here in the heart Pacific Beach a few blocks from the ocean.


I practice Traditional Herbal Medicine and offer stand alone herbal consultations and treatments. My specialty is in using traditional herbal formulas, soaks, poultices  and plasters to treat athletic and orthopedic injuries. Regardless if you are sick, injured and are seeking out herbal medicine as treatment or looking to improve your overall quality of life I would be happy to help.

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